Token & Treasury

The $DEXE token is a native utility governance token for DeXe Protocol DAO. It is used among holders, private contributors, and expert sub-DAOs to vote and govern the Treasury.

As a governance token, $DEXE allows the DeXe Protocol DAO to function as the DAO that is managing the Protocol fully. The Members can propose, vote on, and execute the DeXe Protocol DAO's decisions in a transparent and efficient governance model with this governance token. Through the governance proposals voted on by $DEXE holders and delegates, the community can support the growth, enhancement, and popularization of the DeXe Protocol in a truly decentralized, community-driven way. With $DEXE being freely available to everyone, its use in governance fosters a culture of inclusive, meritocratic, and equitable decision-making for DeXe Protocol’s governance, as well as for any other protocols that choose to involve #DEXE holders in their own DAOs' governance process.

As a significant part of the Treasury holdings, the $DEXE token may be used, if and when so decided via the community proposal and voting process, to, for example:

Governance: $DEXE allows the DeXe Protocol DAO to fully function as the DAO managing the Protocol by voting the holders of $DEXE.

Rewards: Active contributors of the DAO will get rewards from the Treasury for their participation in creating proposals, voting, and proposal execution.

Token fees: For other DAOs, using the Protocol is free. However, there are the Protocol fees embedded in some functionalities. For instance, fees are charged for distributing rewards among active contributors and for launching ITAs — initial treasury allocations. These fees are gathered to the DeXe DAO Treasury for the further growth of the Protocol, managed by the $DEXE holders.

Grants: The Treasury, upon community consensus, may be used for:

  • Funding R&D within the Protocol and broader decentralized sectors.

  • Driving public education on tech innovations.

  • Organizing events to promote DeXe Protocol DAO.

  • Support and finance research and development activities and projects with the ecosystem of the Protocol and other projects in the sphere of decentralized blockchain technology.

  • Promote and educate the public on new technologies in blockchain technology.

  • Organize conferences and other events promoting the DAO or Protocol.

To ensure that the Treasury is used for further scaling of the Protocol, building and supporting the ecosystem, and other activities most likely to benefit the DAO in the long term, the expert sub-DAOs will play a big part in managing the treasury via tokens delegated to those experts.

To incentivize broad and thoughtful participation by the entire community, the $DEXE token will continue distributing rewards for successful voting and proposal completion performance in DeXe Protocol DAO. The goal is to give the most voting power to the most active and effective Members while maintaining decentralization, transparency, and meritocracy. For example, Members will receive higher rewards for tokens delegated to expert sub-DAOs that keep proving themselves to be the experts in their field and of benefit to the DAO. The common practice of being rewarded for zero activity or mindless activity will become significantly less beneficial than participating thoughtfully or delegating to those who do. Nonlinear voting rewards will also prevent the excessive influence of whales DAO.

As a DAO, it is entirely in the hands of the $DEXE token holders and delegates to decide on any additional utilities for the $DEXE token.

$DEXE tokens are native to ERC-20 and BEP-20:


Per the Protocol’s logic, when you delegate tokens, you still retain ownership of them. They get locked in the delegation smart contract until you recall them (if a delegate casts your votes for an ongoing - aka active - vote and you recalled them, their vote is automatically cancelled, and you can vote with them yourself).

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