Off-chain voting

Off-chain proposals are a feature where the results don’t trigger any actions on the blockchain but are instead recorded in the backend. These proposals are essential for validating ideas or bringing up topics for discussion. They don’t require Validators' voting and execution and are particularly useful for preliminary consensus building. Once an off-chain proposal is accepted, it can be converted to an on-chain proposal if its nature aligns with one of the available on-chain proposal types, allowing for the execution of tangible actions on the blockchain-based on community consensus.

For off-chain proposals, there are three types of voting available:

  1. For/Against Voting: Similar to on-chain voting, this type allows users to determine whether they support the initiative or not.

  2. Single-Choice Option: This voting method permits users to select one option from several, making it ideal for decisions where a single choice needs to be made among alternatives.

  3. Multiple-Choice Option: In this voting style, users can choose multiple options simultaneously. It proves beneficial when prioritising or selecting multiple options from various choices.

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